MDA Attempts to Shut Down Constitutional Arguments Before Court Hearing Even Starts!

Wow! The MDA is slick!

The MDA has just filed a 1 – MDA’s Memorandum of Law (click to read in it’s entirety) that states in the last line of the first page, “The only issue before this Court is whether this Court’s October 14 order is invalid, such that Respondents lawfully refused support of its applications for an administrative inspection order and for an order to show cause. The law clearly authorizes the inspection ordered by this Court, and Respondents’ continuing, willful refusal to comply with this Court’s order warrants finding them in contempt.”  The Memorandum then goes on to state their interpretation of the law, which they feel supports their argument.

This is a clear attempt to circumvent any constitutional protections argument against the MDA’s attempt at forced inspection of Lake View Natural Dairy to be heard on Mondays court date.  What they basically want the court to conclude, before the hearing even starts, is that they can make the forced inspection and then the constitutionality of that inspection can be argued at a later date.  All I got to say is….WOWWWWW!  So, if the MDA makes the inspection, then at a later date the MDA’s inspection is found to be unconstitutional, those protections that may be found to be constitutional would ALREADY HAVE BEEN VIOLATED!  The farms protections, my protections, your protections.

I don’t want to sound alarmist folks, but this just sounds scary that they would even suggest this be the appropriate order in which to hear these arguments!  Or that they would suggest the constitutionality of their attempts at forced inspection have no place at the upcoming hearing.

This is why we need every man and woman, that has the ability, to show up at court on Monday, March 9th, before 9am (to get into the court house by 9am).  The MDA is clearly concerned that they would not be able to mount a successful argument against the constitutional concerns that have been identified.

Also, please consider supporting the legal defense of Lake View Natural Dairy and of every man and woman’s rights in this matter. Save Lake View Natural Dairy-Defense Fund