Cook County Commissioners PASS “Letter of Support” for Private Farmers and Their Private Consumers

Here is the video of March 17th’s regular commissioners meeting….Public comment concerning the Letter of Support for ALL private farms and gardens and their private consumers (it happens to be LVND being focused upon by the MDA right now) occurs between 04:00 to 10:48 and the commissioners discuss and vote upon it between 02:25:08 to 2:37:09……..I want to again thank Commissioner Gamble for bringing this idea to the table and his work on the initial resolution, to Commissioner Kirk for offering the alternative “letter of support” that was passed and the words of support from Commissioner Moe. I hope to keep Commissioner Storlie’s “temporary” vote of yes and convince Commissioner Sivertson to vote yes in the future. I appreciate all the words during discussion as they all clarify the issue in the end.

This is NOT about one farm!  This is about all persons who wish to privately produce products of the farm or garden and with to sell them directly to informed willing private men and women.  It is not about special exemptions for some commercial businesses, these are private entities we are speaking of!

I have linked to the individual commissioner’s web pages above.  Please contact them (click on their names above) and let them know how you felt about their comments (good or bad, and always with respect).  Remember, if only the people against these private associations contact the commissioners, that is what they think their constituents want and they could reverse their support in the future.  It is our job to make sure they hear our voices clearly, so your commissioner can properly express the will of the people they represent.

AGAIN, don’t go on to something else!  Please contact them now by phone or email.  Let your voice be heard, because I can guarantee those against these private associations WILL make their voices ring loudly!