Some Recent Articles About Our Officials Protecting Lake View Natural Dairy

Here are a couple new articles reporting about the stand that our Cook County officials have made concerning protecting the constitutional protections that Lake View Natural Dairy is fighting for.

There is a theme we should all understand and we should share this theme with people that we speak to:  Our officials are NOT acting on these constitutional protections on behalf of Lake View Natural Dairy alone.  The argument to narrow the “Letter of Support” to Lake View Natural Dairy only, was rejected verbally at the Cook County Commissioners meeting by Commissioner Gamble and Commissioner Moe (see previous post to view this great discussion).

These protections are being defended for EVERY private farmer, gardener and well informed private man or woman within Cook County!  Do NOT single Lake View Natural Dairy out as the single proprietor of these protections, these protections are defended on behalf of us ALL!

Here are a couple new articles:

Sheriff Defends Organic Farmers Bullied By Minnesota Officials

Brave Farmer Battles State Department Of Agriculture Over Raw Milk – this is a follow-up article to “Sheriff Defends Organic Farmers Bullied By Minnesota Officials”

Cook Co. Commissioners Show Support for Dairy Farm 

Cook County officials back embattled dairy farmer blocking inspectors – feel free to set some of the commenters of this article straight!