Lake View Natural Dairy vs. Minnesota Department of Ag – National Articles

It has been over a month since there has been a post concerning the Lake View Natural Dairy (LVND) court case.  I thought I would link some articles that have been on the national scene to get us all back into the mind set of standing up for the dairy, every MN private farmer/gardener and private consumers who would like to privately associate about our food, dairy and more importantly our personal liberties.  Remember, these liberties are guaranteed under our state and federal constitutions.

Judge Cuzzo’s written decision, in LVND vs. Minnesota Department of Ag (MDA), is scheduled to be made public in the next nine days (June 9th).  There has been one court motion to add retired Sheriff Mark Falk’s statement about refusal to assist the MDA (while he was in office) with inspection and to add the information that the Cook County Commissioners passed a Letter of Support for LVND, every private farmer/gardener and private consumers within Cook County.  I will post an article about that motion and Judge Cuzzo’s response in the next couple days.

Below are three articles concerning LVND vs. MDA and one about Raw Milk:

-“Farm Freedom on the Docket in Minnesota” by Pete Kennedy, Esq.  (this article was written before the court date, but does a great job at explaining what is at stake with the LVND vs. MDA court case).  Pete Kennedy is the president of Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund who has been providing funding for the defense of LVND.

-“Sure Getting Uncomfortable in MN Countryside for Ag Regulators” by David Gumpert.

-“UPDATE: Minnesota Farmer Victorious in Court!” By Liz Reitzig.

-“Raw Milk and the Raw Deal” by Dr. Mercola  (very informative about the situation surrounding Raw Milk in the U.S.).