Support Your Right To Choose, Ride The Hay Wagon At FishPic Parade

Hey All,

Lake View Natural Dairy (LVND) is putting a parade float together for the 86th Annual Fisherman’s Picnic Parade in Grand Marais (arrive at the elementary school parking lot on Sunday, August 2nd at noon, parade at 1pm). Go to the schedule of events for the Fisherman’s Picnic here. The main float will be exhibition in nature featuring; you guessed it, the farm!  We are exploring having a second float that would consist of supporters of farm/garden direct to consumer and supporters of LVND who would be riding a hay wagon.  The “Support Float” would follow the LVND float and would likely have a banner with a message supporting “Constitutional Liberties” in sourcing your own food, etc.  Supporters are encouraged to make there own appropriate signs.  Kids viewing the parade would also encourage supporters to bring bags of candy to throw at them.

We would need 20 supporters to confirm that they would be excited to meet at the staging area at noon.  Please send me an email here to RSVP that you would like to participate.  If the support float becomes full we would encourage supporters to walk between the floats with us (priority to ride would be given to those unable to walk the parade route).  Alternately, if we don’t have 20 people RSVP to ride the support float, we would encourage those who would like to show their support to walk behind the LVND float and make their own appropriate signs.

For those who do RSVP, I will respond to you all in a group email on Wednesday, July 29th, to let you know the status of our numbers and whether the support float is happening.

Thanks so much for all your support!  See you at FishPic.