1st Round of Court Documents Filed in Lake View Natural Dairy v. Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Lake View Natural Dairy’s (LVND) attorney, Zenas Baer, has filed “Berglund’s Memorandum in Support of Evidentiary Hearing on Constitutional Challenges Raised by Berglund to Prevent MDA Inspections,” which supports all or our rights to associate with one another without intrusion by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA).  This is the first scheduled court document required by Judge Cuzzo to clarify both sides of the constitutional argument that will be decided.  Please read the document and judge for yourself the validity of the arguments.  There are many legal reasons contained in the memorandum, some that we have spoken about previously on this blog:  The Minnesota Constitution and How it Protects the Dairy to Consumer Association;  The US Constitution’s 1st Amendment and How it Protects the Dairy to Consumer Association.

Baer sets these arguments clearly and convincingly.  The memorandum includes:  Background, Berglund’s customers constitutional rights affected, Factual issues the must be developed, Summary of arguments and Legal analysis of the many specific legal arguments put forth. In my opinion, the document is captivating in its content, however unfortunate it is that the MDA caused it’s creation and cannot recognize these basic fundamental rights.

With all the support LVND has received locally and from around the nation, we will continue this cause of protecting, not just LVND’s, but all of our fundamental liberties.  Thanks again to all of you, Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Organic Consumer’s Association, Michael and Diana Hartmann and most of all to those who keep LVND running-David Berglund, Heidi Berglund and Lyndsay (Berglund) Anderson!

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