Lake View Natural Dairy v. MDA – Awaiting the Decision

It has been 43 days since arguments were presented at the Cook County Courthouse concerning whether Lake View Natural Dairy (LVND), a privately owned dairy farm, along with well informed private men and women, have the right to privately contract with one another to buy food/dairy directly from the private farmer/gardener.  The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) argued that LVND and the private men and women associating with them, have no such right.  They believe that as long as LVND is processing and selling farm products in any way, the MDA has the right, as an uninvolved third party, to inspect everywhere that production takes place (including anywhere that records and documents concerning that production may be kept).  Apparently, they believe we need to be stopped from using our own ability to make informed decisions on sourcing food for our families.  Thank you for trying to save us from ourselves, but no thank you.

There must be a line somewhere, that the MDA cannot tread into these intimate private associations, but they appear not to believe that is the case.  It is hoped that the court will follow this interpretation of our basic rights, that government may not search our personal property and interfere with intimate private associations without limit.  I will wait with cautious optimism.  I am happy that Judge Cuzzo is taking whatever time is needed to come to such a pivotal decision that will have such a great effect on our personal liberties.  However the decision comes down, I wish him positive guidance and clarity.

During this holiday season, I give thanks to live in a country where I have so many freedoms and liberties.  I will continue to pursue those freedoms and liberties so that they will remain for my children.

To all, have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.