“Food Fight” Around the Country

Hey Folks,

Lots of things going on through the Christmas Holiday and the celebration of the New Year!  I’m sure you all have been busy like our family and now it’s time to get back to life as normal.  Unfortunately, life as normal is not available to us all.  The Berglund family and well informed men and women who choose to associate with Lake View Natural Dairy, patiently await the court decision that will greatly influence our personal liberties.  Liberties that include freely associating with our well known neighbors concerning who and where we decide to source our food from.  What a basic intimate decision for us all to make.

With all honesty and sincerity, I wish that the Cook County District Court take whatever time is needed to come to a constitutionally supported decision in this Lake View Natural Dairy v. Minnesota Department of Agriculture case.

This “Food Fight”, that is so greatly intrusive on our personal liberties, is occurring around the country.  Here are just a few stories that I have become aware of or people have emailed me about:

When any decision is published by the Cook County District Court, I will post the entire document as quickly as possible.  Thanks again for everyone’s support of all of our personal liberties and don’t forget to make a trip to Lake View Natural Dairy to support them!